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Is Lorenz University a legitimate university?

Lorenz is a fraud -- they are a clone of Belford University that was shut down. Please see the BBB report for Belford. The International Accreditation Association for Online (MORE)
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Why are Arad and Karmiel important towns in Israel?

  Both are so-called 'development towns' that were founded during the large post-independence wave of immigrants coming into Israel as they were expelled from their homes (MORE)

What is Universe?

The vast surrounding space and everything in it is called the universe. The universe includes everything that exists:- stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorite (MORE)

What is university?

It is an institute of learning at the highest level, having a college of liberal arts and a programme of graduate studies together with several professional schools such as la (MORE)

How do you get in a university?

  University admissions   The process for gaining admission to a university varies from school to school. Most universities have a staff dedicated to assisting prosp (MORE)

Is peking university a good university?

Yes, it is very popular in china. Peking University (abbreviation  PKU; colloquially known by the Chinese as BÄ›idà åŒ-大), is a  major Chinese research university (MORE)