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Who is Aurelio Diaz the painter?

Aurelio Diz Tekpankalli is a visionary artist, shamn and medicine man from Mexico. His work is cosmic, psychedelic and very deep, also very beautiful. He is also the lead viso (MORE)
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What is the message of the poem '1896' by aurelio alvero?

  In his poem 1896 Aurelio Alvero celebrates the outbreak of the 1896 Katipunan popular revolution against the governing Spanish Authorities in the Philippines, which was (MORE)

How can you get a copy of poem 1896 by aurelio alvero?

1896 Aurelio Alvero The cry awoke Balintawak,/ And the echoes answered back…//"FREEDOM!" All the four winds listened long/ To the shrieking of that song…//"FREEDOM!" (MORE)
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Who is the wife of Aurelio Tolentino?

Aurelio Valenzuela Tolentino was married to Natividad Hilario of Pampanga. they had four children, Cesar, Corazon, Raquel and Leonor. Corazon had two children namely Bejamin a (MORE)
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The poem 1896 by Aurelio Alvero?

1896, also known as Cry Freedom, is a poem by Aurelio Alvero which  celebrates the Katipunan Revolution in the Philippines. The text is  as follows:    The cry awoke (MORE)

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