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How did auriga get its name?

Auriga is a constellation. Its name is Latin for 'charioteer' and its stars form a shape that has been associated with the pointed helmet of a charioteer.
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Is a black hole eclipsing Epsilon Aurigae causing the mid-eclipse brightening due to lensing... like a flashlight?

No the Theory That a Black Hole is causing the Eclipsing of Epsilon Aurigae has been Discarded, Mainly because the Eclipsing companion does not show the characteristics of a B ( Full Answer )
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Is Auriga seen in February?

If you are in the northern hemisphere and know where to look, youcan see Auriga quite well in February. See the related link belowfor more information on where it and other co ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of the stars in Auriga?

α Aur Capella . β Aur Menkalinan . γ Aur El Nath . δ Aur Praja . ε Aur Al Maz . ζ Aur Saclateni . ζ Aur Hoedus I . θ Aur Manus . η Aur Hoe ( Full Answer )
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What is the longitude on a star map for Auriga?

Indicating the position of a celestial object is similar to latitude latitude and longitude. But it is called right ascension and declination.
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How far is auriga the constellation from earth?

Any constellation is a group of stars that appear to form some kindof pattern, but have no connection with each other. They all happen to be inroughly the same direction from ( Full Answer )