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Who is Sri Aurobindo?

He is famous for many quotes. The Sri Aurobindo Education Society in New Delhi is based on him. He was said to be in contact with the Divine. A blue light appeared around him (MORE)
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Aurobindo Ghosh's poem Thought the Paraclete?

Aurobindo Ghosh's poem, 'Thought the Paraclete', is a poem of itskind. It has an emphasis of perception that is motivated byintuition rather than relying on logical explanatio (MORE)

Who can be described as tallest amongst Mahatma Gandhi Aurobindo Ghosh Swami Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand in Indian history?

Mahatma Gandhi had reaped what Dayanand had sown for the Swarajya movement. Arvindo Ghosh regarded Swami Dayanand as the tallest amongst all who fought for the Swarajya. Swami (MORE)
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Who translated Savitri of Aurobindo into Hindi?

Vidyawati kokil has translated it fully. Shiv Prasad Singh in his biography published from Lokbharti Allahabad has translated a few lines. Ramdhari Singh dinkar too has transl (MORE)