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Why did the Aurochs become extinct?

Aurochs are species of large wild cattle that are ancestors ofcurrent day domestic cattle. The last of the aurochs died in 1627in Poland and it was considered that a combinati (MORE)

What is an aurochs?

An aurochs was a giant prehistoric bull, which died out latest in the 1600's. It reached 15 feet long and 7 feet tall; a well three feet higher than modern cattle.

Were Aurochs hunted?

Yes. They were hunted to extinction and the last recorded Auroch died in 1627 on a farm in Poland.

Aurochs how did they become extinct?

Aurochs were hunted by man to extinction. Aurochs are the ancestor to all domestic cattle although none of their species exist any longer. Attempts were made in the early 20th (MORE)
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What does aurochs look like?

Aurochs were a type of domestic cattle that are now extinct. Theylooked much like a steer does today with a large hump at theshoulders as well as a pair of long horns that pro (MORE)