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Sentence for auspicious?

Auspicious means fortunate or lucky. It comes from the Latin word Auspices, which was the practice of consulting omens prior to engaging on a project to see if "the gods favou (MORE)

Example sentence of auspicious?

1. A n auspicious time to ask for a raise in salary. 2. auspicious - auguring favorable circumstances and good luck; " an auspicious beginning for the cam (MORE)

What are the Eight Auspicious Symbols?

The eight Buddhist auspicious symbols consist of -. a parasol, . pair of golden fish, . the great treasure vase, . a lotus, . the right turning conch, . the endless knot (MORE)
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What does Auspicious mean?

favourable showing the future suuccesssion pathThe word auspicious is an adjective. It means favorable,propitious, fortunate, marked by success. Bob's boss was in a goodmood. (MORE)