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Is austenitic stainless steel a ferrous metal?

Well the austenitic metal has alot of quailties, you can use it for lots of thing it is also known that they use these in creating hamter cages, the hamster cages are know to (MORE)

Why is manganese used for austenite stabilization in stainless steel production?

Let's keep it simple. Carbon in iron makes steel. And the trick is to keep the carbon, what little bit there is, inside the matallic matrix when the alloy cools. Cool it too s (MORE)
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What is austenite?

its a solid solution created when carbon steel is heated to red hot. also know as the alpha iron. during cooling of the steel it can transform into pearlite or ferite.

Explain the effect of austenite and ferrite stabilizers?

In steels, alloying elements such as silicon, chromium, molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, niobium, etc., stabilize the (body-centered cubic) ferrite phase. These elements are re (MORE)

What is retained austenite?

During martensitic transformation, even at absolute temperature, all austenite does not transform into martensite. Some austenite always remains, known as retained austenite.
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Why is austenite magnetic?

Austenite is not magnetic. It's an allotrope of iron, and has some alloying agents, but it only exists at high temperatures that are well above the Curie point of whatever (MORE)
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What is austenitization?

Austenitization is the heating of iron to a temperature at which it changes crystal structure from ferrite to austenite.