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What are facts about Australia day?

Australia Day is a national public holiday, therefore services such as post offices, businesses and schools are closed, while other services such as public transport and open (MORE)

Does Australia have an Independence Day?

Australia does not have an "Independence Day". Australia's national day of celebration is Australia Day, January 26 of every year. This is not, however, an "Independence Day" (MORE)

How and when did Australia Day become a national holiday?

Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of the first permanent white settlement of Australia and a significant point in Australian history. For right or wrong, it marks the t (MORE)

How many days in spring in Australia?

There are 91 days in Australian spring: spring starts in September and ends in November.
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When is last day of summer in Australia?

The last day of Summer in Australia is February 28, or 29 in a leap  year.    Summer is December, January, February.   Autumn is March, April, May.   Winter is (MORE)

How do Australians celebrate Australia Day?

Australians usually celebrate Australia Day with a barbeque. Large-scale picnics are sometimes organised in cities and towns, but generally Australians celebrate Australia Day (MORE)

What do people do in Australia on Australia day?

Australia day is a public holiday. People generally have a BBQ with some friends or family for breakfast/lunch/dinner or even all three!! Most people hit up the beach or the p (MORE)