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What was Australopithecus?

Australopithecus is the name for an extinct genus of small-brained, large-toothed bipedal hominin species which lived in Africa between one and four million years ago. They wi ( Full Answer )
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What did Australopithecus do?

Australopithecus is one of the longest lived early human species.They survived for more than 900,000 years, they had ape and humancharacteristics and lived both on the ground ( Full Answer )
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Australopithecus and Neanderthal?

bipedal movement Answer: Australopthecus and Neandertals are both part of the hominid family tree. However the Australopithcus is likely to be an ancestor of both lines w ( Full Answer )
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Were did Australopithecus live?

Australopithecus is an extinct genus of hominids. Evidence showsthe this genus evolved in eastern Africa around four million yearsago, then spread throughout the continent and ( Full Answer )
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What can a Australopithecus do?

They can do almost any this we do that doesn't have to do with technology.
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What did Australopithecus wear?

Likely nothing, due to the fact that Australopithecus was derived from Africa from between 3 and 4 million years ago. This would have to be hypothesized based on the remains o ( Full Answer )
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Who was australopithecus?

Australopithecus is a genus of extinct hominids. Evidence of thesecreatures was first found in eastern Africa. Paleontologistsbelieve that Australopithecus was the first genus ( Full Answer )
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Who were the australopithecus?

Australopithecus were one of the earliest ancestors of humans. they were sort of like apes.
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How did Australopithecus get there name?

Australopithecus is the generic name given to a group of bipedal hominins (hominids). It was first used by Raymond Dart in February 1925 to describe a new genus and species o ( Full Answer )