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Who were Germany's allies in the Franco-Prussian war?

When the Franco-Prussian War began, "Germany" did not exist. What  is now Germany was at that time a bunch of small countries. Since  1867, the northern half of Germany had (MORE)

How did the Franco-Prussian War change the balance of power in Europe?

The Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815 with a peace settlement orchestrated by the brilliant Austrian foreign minister, Metternich. The peace settlement was known as "the Concert (MORE)

How was the Franco-Prussian war a seed of WW1?

After the Franco-Prussian war, relations between France and Germany were greatly severed. At the Treaty of Frankfurt, which ended the war, France lost some of its territory to (MORE)

What is a 1766 Franco-Prussian War bayonet worth?

The Franco-Prussian War was from 1870-1871, so nobody would be using a weapon from 1766 in the Franco-Prussian War. Without better information (including which side used the w (MORE)

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How exactly did the franco-prussian war end?

In the Battle of Sedan and the Siege of Metz, the French army was  decisively defeated In particular, French Emperor Napoleon III was  captured at the Battle of Sedan leadin (MORE)