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What is the author's attitude?

The attitude of an author are their life experiences, leanings,views, and perceptions as contained and manifested by plot,dialogues, and even direct omniscient narration. Unde (MORE)
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What is author's craft?

Author's Craft: how the author uses literary devices and narrative elements. Author's Style: how the author creates the story; how the author likes to write; their style.
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What is author's viewpoint?

Author's Viewpoint is the same as the Authors Opinion!Authors opinion is how the author feels about the person in the story or poem! the authors point of view means : you wan (MORE)
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What is an author's bias?

An author's bias just means that the author is not being wholly neutral regarding an element within his book . It may mean that the author is actually revealing something abou (MORE)
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What is the author's style?

An author's style is shaped by many elements including word choice, tone, length or sentences, author's purposed, figurative language, and changes in the English language over (MORE)
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What is an author's claim?

The term "author's claim" can refer to an author's presentation offact, with or without substantiation, to support a given position,or as the basis for a story. For example, a (MORE)
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What is author's technique?

Author's techniques usually have to deal the style which the author reveals character, conflict, themes. For example, the author may use personification (by personifying objec (MORE)
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What is the author's persona?

A persona is the character that an author narrates through.Although the author may not have the same viewpoints as thepersona.
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What is the author's craft?

The author's craft is a term commonly used to describe the fashionwith which authors narrate stories.