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What is authoritarian?

An authoritarian system of government is one where the leader makesall the decisions without consulting the people. This can be a veryefficient style of government, but people ( Full Answer )
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What is authoritarianism?

The belief that power should be centralized. The government has absolute control over a nation's politicalsystem.
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Who are authoritarians?

in a system where command comes only from one source the person/group in charge is considered an authoritarians. 177
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What do you mean by Authoritarian?

Authoritarian is more of a dictatorial type of leadership. Power isbestowed on one person who controls all the polices and decisionswith very little input from the subjects be ( Full Answer )
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How are dictatorships authoritarian?

dictatorships are authoritarian because it uses power, force and influence which are normally against the wishes of the subjects.
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What is authoritarian or autocratic?

This distinction is frequently use in management and leadership. Authoritarian as a prevalent style of leader behaviour. Those researchers that parse the style a bit further ( Full Answer )
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How can Putin be an authoritarian?

Type It will not be - it is. Autocracy in the protection and support kleptocracy
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Is Japan authoritarian?

No, not at all. Japan is likely the most free and democratic or Asian nations.
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Who was an authoritarian dictator?

Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Joseph Stalin were all authoritarian dictators and the military staff of Japan acted as a junta.
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Was Cleopatra authoritarian?

Very much so - as monarch, she had, with her council, to make andcarry out the tough decisions. Without this there would be chaos.