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What is the speed on the German autobahn?

  Officially there is no general speed limit on the Autobahn, but over the years more and more speed restrictions have been imposed on certain stretches. Depending on the (MORE)

How do you use a drone on Autobahn Polizei?

First of all, I use an Xbox 360 for this game, so if you play this on PS3, I can't help you. To activate, you must be on a mission using a drone, then press the Right Stick in (MORE)
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What are autobahns?

An Autobahn is basically a German version of a highway. ******** A VERY high speed highway- such as an expressway or an interstate highway.
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How does autobahn not get potholes?

It was made to last. They built it thick and on a solid base, they engineered it to last like the pyramids. In America road crews build so they will always have work, if it (MORE)
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Why is there no speed limit on the Autobahn in Germany?

 About a third of the German autobahn Network (BAB) has permanent speed restrictions. Another half has a recommended speed of 130 kph, which means there is no real limit, un (MORE)
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What was the autobahn made for?

the autobahn originally intended to be used as a long distance rollerskating drag strip. the inventor designed a concrete that was durable enough to withstand the high tempera (MORE)