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What do you mean by autolysis?

From my knowledge: (Gk.) Auto= self-propelled (Gk.) Lysis= to separate Therefore, autolysis simply means self-digestion. Basically, it is when a cell "self-destructs" it ( Full Answer )
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What is the source of cell autolysis?

The source of cell autolysis are lysosomes. These are organellesthat are found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells and containdegradative enzymes.
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What is cell autolysis?

Cell autolysis is a programmed cell death which happens when a defect is found in a cell such as an infection or when the cell becomes cancerous. When these defects occur, the ( Full Answer )
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Is cell autolysis bad?

cell autolysis may be result of inhury and unwanted when it is termed necrosisor it may be programmed when its called apoptosis
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What does the medical term autolysis mean?

Autolysis is more of a biological term rather than medical. It refers to a cell's on self-destruction through enzymatic digestion. If a cell detects through various "checkpoi ( Full Answer )
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Why do bacteria perform autolysis?

One of the most clinically significant bacteria to undergo autolysis is Strep. Pneumoniae - usually as the colony ages its center undergoes autolysis