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Categories of data processing?

Data is processed to get the required results. Different operations  may be performed on data. Therefore, data processing is defined as:   "A sequence of operations on da (MORE)

What is the definition of data processing?

Definition:   Data processing is defined as any of the many techniques in which data is retrieved, stored, classified, manipulated, transmitted and/or reported in such a (MORE)

What is automatic data logging and manual data logging?

Manual data logging is when data is recorded by a human, e.g., typing in names into a register on a computer. Automatic data logging is when data is collected without the ass (MORE)
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Explain data processing system?

data processing system is the process of data that refers to information about what the problem.

What are devices used for automatic data capture?

Automatic Data Capture means capturing data at source where it happens in machine readable form for example a point-of-sale terminal (POS) with a bar code reader. The most c (MORE)

Data processing and data cycling what it is?

Data processing is a process in which raw data is converted in usable format or information Data processing cycle - data is processed again and again to get desired or accur (MORE)