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Who invented automated teller machine?

In 1939, Luther Simjian patented an early and not-so-successful prototype of an ATM. However, some experts have the opinion that James Goodfellow of Scotland holds the earlies (MORE)
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The advantages and disadvantages of automatic teller machine?

Advantages are that with ATMs you can withdraw you money anytime, [ii]they are located outside the bank hall for with drawers of cash, [iii]they listen and follow instructio (MORE)
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What circuits would be the best for the automatic teller machine?

suppose you work for a bank and are leasing a frame relay connection to link an automatic teller machine located in a rural grocery store with you bank's headquarters. which o (MORE)

What are the benefits of automated teller machines?

an automated teller machine is a device that allows people to withdraw cash from their bank accounts without the need for a cashier. the bank issues each client an ATM card. T (MORE)

What is an Automated teller machine?

An ATM (automated teller machine) allows a user to perform basic  banking transactions (generally checking account balances,  withdrawals, and account transfers) where acces (MORE)

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