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What is automotive technology?

Automotive technology means it covers everything from foreign anddomestic car technology to power and performance, with Hot Rod Uand Super Street or it can also be explainjed ( Full Answer )
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What is a automotive machinist?

a automotive machinst is a skilled professional that uses the modern technology to fix a problem or look for a problem such as looking for a crack in a block. most cracks aren ( Full Answer )
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What is an automotive detailer?

That is a pretty good job. A detailer does everything from touch up paint, to buffing paint, to shampooing carpets, and seats, cleans under the hood with a steam cleaner, and ( Full Answer )
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What is automotive crankshaft?

A shaft that connects the pistons through rods and rotates for Compression Exhaust and Intake of the enginge
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What is an automotive fabric?

Any type of fabric used in a vehicle, which would include, but not limited to, the cloth used for a convertible top, if the seats are covered with a cloth, ect. They are usual ( Full Answer )
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What does an automotive thermostat do?

A thermostat is a temperature sensitive device used in a vehicle's cooling system to control the flow of coolant between the engine block and radiator. A thermostat is importa ( Full Answer )
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What do automotive technitians do?

Well automotive technicians, such as myself, diagnose, and repair vehicles through the use of computers, brains and other technicians.
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What does an automotive lift do?

An automotive lift lifts the cars so they can be serviced from underneath while standing up. They make the job much easier and more pleasant for the mechanic.
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What is an automotive borescope?

A borescope is a kind of special camera that can look into real narrow spaces, like inside pipes and such. Automotive just says that the intended user is someone who works wit ( Full Answer )
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What is drift in automotive?

drifting is intentionally oversteering in a turn and maintainingcontrol in the turn. See the movie 'The Fast and Furious' to see itdone.