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What is an automotive relay?

  An automotive relay is a device that uses a small amount of current to control a large current-drawing device. For example; using a small switch on your dashboard to run (MORE)
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What is an automotive detailer?

That is a pretty good job. A detailer does everything from touch up paint, to buffing paint, to shampooing carpets, and seats, cleans under the hood with a steam cleaner, and (MORE)

What does an automotive thermostat do?

A thermostat is a temperature sensitive device used in a vehicle's cooling system to control the flow of coolant between the engine block and radiator. A thermostat is importa (MORE)

What are automotive fasteners?

Various types of Nuts, bolts, screws, retainers, plastic "push fasteners", spring clips... anything that's used to fasten things in an automobile..
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What is automotive technology?

Automotive technology means it covers everything from foreign and  domestic car technology to power and performance, with Hot Rod U  and Super Street or it can also be expla (MORE)

What is a suspension?

A suspension is a mixture of water and a non-dissolved material. A mixture in which fine particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy or a susp (MORE)

What is a automotive machinist?

  a automotive machinst is a skilled professional that uses the modern technology to fix a problem or look for a problem such as looking for a crack in a block. most crack (MORE)

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