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What is an autopsy?

  Answer   An autopsy is the examination of a corpse, usually to determine what caused the death.   Autopsy is the 2003 movie starring Joe Estevez
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Who performs an autopsy?

An autopsy, which examines the body of a deceased person (or sometimes an animal) is done by a specialized doctor called a pathologist. The local officials who do autopsies (MORE)

Did tupac have a autopsy?

Supposibly But The "autopsy" Picture Is Missing The Makaveli Tatoo On His Neck. YES, Tupac was autopsied. In the USA, nearly all homicide cases are autopsied.
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Did Aaliyah have an autopsy?

Yes -- to determine the exact cause of her death, an autopsy was performed. Just for future reference, no, it have never been published, and hopefully never will.
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Can you get an autopsy on a dog?

  Yes you can but your vet has to order it and usually they are done at vet schools or state laboratory. Fees are based on the size of dog. The dog would need to be frozen (MORE)
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Can a pope be autopsied?

Autopsies on the pope were once forbidden but can be carried out now only with permission of the Vatican.
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Where are autopsy done at?

Autopsies are usually performed in the morgue of a hospital, or at the coroner/medical examiners office. Decades ago, they were also performed at mortuaries, but that's rather (MORE)
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Can you get DNA from an autopsy?

Yes but it doesn't take an autopsy to get a sample. A few hairs, saliva, semen etc. is enough and person can be alive. Paternity tests are done routinely this way.
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How do you do autopsy to cancer?

I'm really curious as to why you want to know, because it's notsomething you should be doing if you're not a physician, and if youare a physician you should already know. In (MORE)