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What is autumn dog?

  Answer   the opposite of a summer god   Answer   the opposite of a summer god
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Where is the sonata built?

Although Hyundai is a Korean company, over half the cars built for sale in the US are built in the Alabama facility. The Sonata is manufactured in the US.
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When is it autumn in Dubai?

  The UAE and Dubai are in the Northern Hemisphere so Autumn is September, October, November, However they are close to the equator so seasons mean little.
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What do you see in autumn?

In autumn you will see leaves changing colors and falling from  trees. You will also see farmers harvesting their crops and people  decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving (MORE)

Why do we have autumn?

The position of the earth in its orbit around the sun causes the seasons as we know it. Because of the earths axial tilt, 23.4 degrees, the northern hemisphere receives more d (MORE)

How did autumn get its name?

The word autumn comes to the English language from the Old French autumpne, automne, which came from the Latin autumnus. Prior to that, the origin is uncertain. Another word (MORE)

Autumn in Australia?

Due to the size of Australia, there is not one climate for the  entire continent. Six climatic zones relate to two seasonal  patterns, the summer/autumn season, and the wint (MORE)

What are autumn sounds?

One day Watching the leaves fall to the ground I listen to that beautiful sound Whispering trees Scurrying rabbits Hurrying hares As I look into the distance The last apple on (MORE)

What are the movements in a sonata?

Depends on the instrumentation. For classical pipe organ, it is  typically this:    Maestoso  Adagio  Recitando  Vivace    In a sonata for piano or for an inst (MORE)