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What is a avalanche?

an avalanche is when a large amount of snow breaks loose and sides down a mountain slop.
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What is an avalanche?

An avalanche is a landslide of snow. It is where a mass of snow, ice and rocks falls rapidly down a mountain. An avalanche is a type of natural disaster.
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Where do you get avalanches?

Avalanches are most likely to occur in the alpine regions of France, Switzerland and Austria. However avalanches can occur on any steep slope, considering the factors. Within ( Full Answer )
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When do you get avalanches?

Avalanches occur when different types of snow build up on oneanother. Sometimes wind or loud noises causes the upper snow tobegin sliding on the lower snow.
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What is a avalanch?

\nthe Denver Avalanche are not an NHL team.\n. \nThe Colorado Avalanche won two Stanley Cups in 1995-96 and 2000-01
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How do you prevent an avalanche?

you stop skiing on a hill or use a bomb to make the avalanche happen then so it doesn't happen later
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Where do you get an avalanche?

Usually around winter because it snows.(Not always but you get what I mean??) And they occur where there are mountains.
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What do you do after an avalanche?

There are different ways of things to do after an avalanche. 1- Bury in the snow to see if anyone is alive 2- clean u the mess 3- Go to a doctor o he can check if you are OK. ( Full Answer )
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What is an avalanche fence?

Its when there is a barrier where avalanches are normally and it stops some of the snow getting down.
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What is am avalanche?

It is a landslide. An avalanche is where a mass of snow swiftly rolls down mountains. It has killed many people before.