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What is an averse sentence?

you are not likelyto become a marathon runner if you are averse to strenuous exercise. . Averse is an adjective, and can't be used as a noun.. The boy's dream of becoming a (MORE)

What is aversion to people?

When you put your bag on the chair next to you not because you're saving it for someone, but because you don't want anyone to sit next to you, and when someone comes along and (MORE)
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What is Aversive racism?

Aversive racism is a form of contemporary racism that manifests at the individual level. Compared to the traditional form of racism, aversive racism operates, often unconsciou (MORE)

What is aversive conditioning?

Aversive Conditioning is the use of something unpleasant, or a punishment, to stop an unwanted behavior. EX: If a dog is learning to walk on a leash alongside his owner, an u (MORE)
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What are the disadvantages to using aversive control?

There are many drawbacks of aversive control. 1.) Anger and Fear are side effects: The greatest lesson the victim of punishment may learn is to hate the punisher 2.) The who (MORE)

What does aversions mean?

An aversion is a feeling of dislike or repugnance; like my feeling toward that guy with two dogs that stops in front of my house to let them urinate. It could be rightly said (MORE)