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How do you use averted in a sentence?

(averted can mean avoided or turned away) "He averted a collision with the bus by veering onto the sidewalk." "Hopefully the government has averted another economic calamity (MORE)

What does avert mean?

away; from; off; to turn away or aside from; to avert from an accident. EX/: When Jane got in a plane crash she tried to avert from the accident. -XOXO ChristyCarla :)P
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What is mean by risk averter?

Someone who prefers a more certain return to an alternative with an equal return but which is more risky.
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Is averted a noun?

No the word averted is not a noun. It is an adjective and a pasttense verb.
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What is the meaning to the word avert?

To avert is to turn away or to prevent. You might avert your gaze or avert a disaster — either way, you are avoiding something
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What kind of charity does AVERT do?

AVERT is a charity devoted to education and research into Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, otherwise known as AIDS. The charity was founded in 1986.