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HOW could the sinking of the Titanic be averted?

First Officer William Murdoch saw the iceberg and then ordered the ship to turn to starboard (this was correct) but then he put the engines in reverse. This slowed the turn of (MORE)

How do you use averted in a sentence?

(averted can mean avoided or turned away) "He averted a collision with the bus by veering onto the sidewalk." "Hopefully the government has averted another economic calamity." (MORE)

What does avert mean?

away; from; off; to turn away or aside from; to avert from an accident. EX/: When Jane got in a plane crash she tried to avert from the accident. -XOXO ChristyCarla :)P
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Is averted a noun?

No the word averted is not a noun. It is an adjective and a pasttense verb.
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What kind of charity does AVERT do?

AVERT is a charity devoted to education and research into Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, otherwise known as AIDS. The charity was founded in 1986.
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