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Where did zoroastrianism spread?

The founding date and location of Zoroastrianism are hotly debated.  The likely location is somewhere to the north of Iran, with  Azerbaijan and Afghanistan both being commo (MORE)

What are the rituals for Zoroastrianism?

They have various religious and social practices as does any religion. the basic ritual book is called the Zend Avesta ( do not confuse with Zen Buddhism) Solar and Fire worsh (MORE)

When did zoroastrianism begin?

Another answer from our community:   Zoroastrianism probably began around 6th century B.C.E.   It was founded by Zoroaster or Zarathustra.
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What are some of the teachings of zoroastrianism?

Followers of Zoroasterism believe that the moment Zarathustra (Zoroaster) was born, the earth bloomed with flowers and the first thing that Zarathustra did when he was born wa (MORE)

Where and when did Zoroastrianism start?

Zoroastrianism began in Afghanistan part of Persia. Historians are  uncertain exactly when its 'founder' Zarathustra (Greek name  Zoroaster), lived but it was between 1800 a (MORE)

How many gods does Zoroastrianism have?

Answer   Zoroastrianism has one true god - Ahura Mazda ("Wise Lord"). It also has Angra Mainyu, or Ahriman, the equivalent to the Christian Satan. It has seven Amesha Spe (MORE)

Which religion is older - Zoroastrianism or Judaism?

Zoroastrianism was founded in southern Russia sometime before 1700 BCE and possibly even before 2000 BCE. Monotheistic Judaism is believed to have begun in Judah during the se (MORE)

Can you convert to zoroastrian?

While many in the Parsi group in India hold the strong belief that  Zoroastrianism is an ethnic religion which requires birth into the  religion and a pure bloodline, there (MORE)

Was Zoroastrianism monotheistic?

No. Yes, Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion, in that it holds the belief that there is one Creator of all of creation, Ahura Mazda, Lord Wisdom. To understand this, on (MORE)