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What can you do with an aviation minor?

When it comes to getting a job in aviation, the actual degree you have is mostly irrelevant. The only things employers will look at are the fact that you have a (any) bachelor (MORE)

What is the antonym of aviator?

An antonym is an opposite. It is difficult to define an opposite to something like aviator. What is the opposite of someone who flies? If you actually meant synonym you could (MORE)
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How do you get into aviation?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to be in ATC (Air Traffic Control), then talk to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). If you want to be a pilot, then deci (MORE)
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When did aviation start?

Well, the answer is, no one really knows. You see, aviation started in China, with rudimentary kites and gliders, thousands of years ago. Exactly when, no one's sure
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Is general aviation and aviation the same?

Aviation refers to all man created objects that leave the ground and go through the air. General aviation (Part 91 of the FAA regs) is sub-category of aviation just like the a (MORE)
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What impact did aviation have?

Aviation has had a massive impact on every day life, aviation keeps the world connected. from when it used to be the most dangerous way to travel, aviation has turned into the (MORE)
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What is sra in aviation?

Special Ruules Area in Aviation navigation used by Piots and Controllers, usuall around military or sensitive sites.