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What is avid?

A program to improve your grade at school and pick your colleges. It is also know to help your grades to get up and help you go to college and get you a scholarship!

Pacemaker impant left or right side of chest Are there any advantages to either side I am 59 and amright handed and an avid golfer would there be an advantage to having it on my rt side?

I also am a very avid golfer and had my pacemaker put in on my right side of my chest and I am right handed.......I am praying this emergency room doctor did not screw up..... (MORE)

What is the synonym for avid?

i think it is jealous Jealous is incorrect. Synonyms for avid include: fanatical, devoted, ardent, avaricious, insatiable example sentence: For my dad (MORE)
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What is an avid golfer?

The definition of Avid according to reference website is an act of showing great enthusiasm for or an interest in; extremily desirous. Golfer means a person that plays golf. (MORE)
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What are avid tutorials?

A AVID tutorial will be answer by your tutor you look at all your subjects and you see what you don't understand then you take it to your tutor for AVID class and they help yo (MORE)
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What do you do in avid?

Avid is an elective, you study on colleges, go on collegefieldtrips and sometimes you have actual college students come inand help you