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What does PAR AVION mean?

PAR AVION is French for via airmail . Par is French for via (or by means of); avion is French for airplane.
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What does un Avion mean?

Translated from spanish to English it means an airplane if you add an accent on the o. el avión- airplane
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What is the meaning of 'avio' is avionic?

The full word is about the electronics used in the aviation industry. The word Avio is used to describe all equipment used in aircraft
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What do you study to become an avionics engineer?

You will need a strong background in the following areas. . communication (written and oral) . higher level maths (calculus I, II, III, differential equations etc.) . ch ( Full Answer )
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What tools do Avionics Technicians use?

Tools & Technology (Main requirement) Tools used in this occupation: . Hex keys - Allen wrenches; Hex wrenches. Multimeters - Digital multimeters. Ohmmeters - Volt ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy Tequila Avion?

Tequila Avion can is known famously as the world's smoothest Tequila brand. It can be purchased through their online retailer or in most liquor stores in the United Kingdom.
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What do avionics systems include?

Avionic systems are electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft. They include communications and navigation. They also include the display and ma ( Full Answer )
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What cause Avion Flu?

Avian Flu is caused by the virus like Flu virus in man. This virus has evolved with birds.
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What services are provided by Avion Travel?

Avion Travel provides various services such as flying round trip or one way. Banks such as RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) provide rewards with Avion Travel for using Avion credit ( Full Answer )
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How much does a BDI Avion cost?

The BDI Avion TV Stand and Home Theater Cabinet runs at different prices depending on the size of the stand. Some as low as $1,300 to as much as $2,150.00.