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What was the first product with which Avon started its company?

  In 1886 California Perfume Company was founded in New York by salesman David Hall McConnell. Its first product: was the Little Dot Perfume Set. First Avon lady, Mrs. P.F (MORE)
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Is Avon anew a skincare product?

Avon Anew is a skincare product line they have many different varietys. It is for making the skin more young looking.
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Are Avon products worth the money you pay?

No, not necessarly. I've found MAC, Revlon and Lloreal products to be better quality, doing friends make up for their weddings as I do it semi professionally. They seem to run (MORE)
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Which retail stores sell Avon products?

Avon products can be bought at Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond and J.C.Penney retail stores. Avon products are also sold at outlet stores in New York, Florida, Nevada and Ohio and (MORE)