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How to start car that has sit awhile?

make sure battery is charged, make sure it has good fuel in the tank, replace fuel filter. maybe new spark plugs and spark plug wires. and then try to turn it on. tell me if i (MORE)
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Is awhile an adverb?

Yes. When awhile is spelled as one word, it is an adverbmeaning for a time. *The two word form "a while" represents an article and a noun,"while" being an unspecified time (MORE)
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Why does lemonade go flat after awhile?

Lemonade goes flat after a while beacause, to give it its sparkle(fizz) carbon dioxide gas has been pressurised into the drink. Whenyou first open the bottle there is a good f (MORE)

What does staying single for awhile mean?

It means that you are not ready to jump into a relationship so quickly. Sometimes people say this to get out of a relationship, too. I have told someone that I didn't want to (MORE)

How do you ask a girl out that you haven't talked to in awhile?

i'm going to give you advice because I am a girl myself. since you have not talked to her in a while you need to wait. Start hanging out with her more kind of give her clues t (MORE)