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Why does lemonade go flat after awhile?

Lemonade goes flat after a while beacause, to give it its sparkle  (fizz) carbon dioxide gas has been pressurised into the drink. When  you first open the bottle there is a (MORE)

Why do lettuce leaves become wilted after they have been in salty salad dressing for awhile?

This is probably due to osmosis. The leaves have fresh water in them, but the salt in the dressing causes the water from the leaves to enter the dressing. This is because th (MORE)

What causes the skin to turn red wherever it is touched or scratched and stay that way for awhile?

It is a histamine release. Most people have histamines that help  fight off infections. Some people release more histamine than  necessary and it can cause itching and rashe (MORE)

Why do your eyes hurt after using the computer for awhile?

  Answer   Eyes begin to hurt after a time on the computer because you tend to blink less and so they become dry. So, look away periodically. You can also use liquid (MORE)

Why does your car stall about 5 times after it rains even if you let it run for awhile?

I once had a 92 Grand Am with the OHC 2.3 Liter that ran like you are saying. Trned out to be the coil cover. . Answer . For my my '95 Olds. Achieva S has no problem st (MORE)

Will the security on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo keep it from starting for awhile?

  Answer     96 Monte Carlo's are equipped with GM Passkey II. A wire runs from the computer up to the ignition switch and back to the computer (The 2 wires run (MORE)