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What does awkward mean?

Awkward means clumsy, inelegant. . Weird, odd kind of like a uncomfortable silence "awkward silence." Not knowing what it means is awkward :s

What is socially awkward?

I could give a list, but I'm afraid where that will end up.. Being socially awkward means you are displaying a lack of social skills, making you seem inappropriate to the peo (MORE)

Who is Ashley Awkward?

Ashley Awkward is a WNBA player and is married to one of the cops on the reality show (TLC) Police Women of Memphis (Virginia Awkward)

How do you get you and your girlfriend not awkward?

you are making it ackward by thinking its ackward! everytime you see her dont think this is ackward.. go with the flow. Talk like your talking with a friend and just be yourse (MORE)

What is the opposite of awkward?

The opposite of awkward (in manner) could be graceful, poised, adroit, smooth, elegant, or artful. The opposite of awkward (unskilled) could be proficient, skillful, deft, (MORE)

What a sentence for awkward?

He was awkward and not able to play the game very well. She wasawkward when she was in the presence of older people.