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What is axis?

Axis is an imaginary line which runs through the centre of the Earth in a tilted manner and joins the Noth and Soth Poles
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What is a axis?

Axis In terms of astronomy, it is the imaginary line running through a planet around which it rotates. See the Related Link for a demonstration and further information.
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What is the x axis and the y axis?

In classical Cartesian algebra, the x axis is defined as a horizontal number line defining the distance from a zero point called the "origin." The y axis is a vertical line de ( Full Answer )
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What is a x axis and a y axis?

A y-axis is the vertical number line of a two coordinated graph and a x-axis is the horizontal number line.
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Where do axis axis live?

Axis axis (also known as chital, cheetal, chital deer, spotted deer, or axis deer) is native to India, Bangladesh, (I'll be right back)... the kind of deer), an invasiv ( Full Answer )
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What is the y axis and the x axis?

In a graph, the horizontal line is the x axis and the vertical line is the y axis.
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Is the y axis the vertical axis?

YES it is!!! the X-axis is the horizontal one, you know, the horizon, something like that. so if you have a graph, Y is always up and down. X is always left and right. :)
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Is the independent axis on the x axis?

Generally speaking, yes. The variable x is generally used as the independent variable. And y is generally the variable the depends on the value of x. So in most examples the x ( Full Answer )
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What is a horizontal axis and vertical axis?

Please correct me if I misunderstood your question, but a horizontal axis goes from left to right and vice-versa, and a vertical axis goes from bottom to top and vice-versa.
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What axis is the axis of symmetry?

An Axis of Symmetry is any line along which any Graph, group of graphs, or other shape may be divided into two symmetrical pieces which are perfect mirror images of one anothe ( Full Answer )