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What is meaning of Ayaan?

Name: Ayaan Meaning: Gift of God Gender: Male Origin: Arabic Ayaan word is mentioned in Surah al naml(ants) verse number 65 in the holy Quran it means the day of j (MORE)

Is Ayaan Muslim name?

Günther Schlee seems to translate ayaan as "day." (Chapter: "Loanwords in Oromo and Rendille as a mirror of past inter-ethnic relations." Book: African Languages, Development (MORE)

Is ayaan a male Muslim name?

yes ayaan is a male Muslim name whose meaning are "Gift of God" The word ayaan is an Arabic word mentioned in the holy Quran,it's used as a question tool. Some uses it as a (MORE)

What are AliS points?

Advanced Level Information System: used in the United Kingdom to assess likely academic performance in post 16 education, ie at AS/ A Level or equivalent. It is based on per (MORE)
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Why is ayaan hirsi ali a controversial figure?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an author and politician who advocates for drastic changes in the Islamic community. She grew up in Africa and moved to Holland to escape from the subjugati (MORE)
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What is laila ali from Muhammad ali?

Laila Ali the champion boxer ♥♥ love her. Is the daughter of heavy weight champ Muhmmad Ali. Her mother is also Veronica Anderson a model. That is where Laila gets her goo (MORE)

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Who is sajal Ali?

Sajal Ali is a model and a very talented tv actress in Pakistan who  played many roles in popular serials, shows and telefilms. Her  prominent serials include 'Mehmoodabad K (MORE)