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Where is ayodhya?

Ayodhya is located in Uttar Pradesh, near Saryu river. This is thebirth place of Lord Rama.
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What is the meaning of the name Ayodhya?

the word "ayodhya" comes from the root word "yudh" meaning "not to be fought" or less literally, "unconquerable"
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Who is the king of ayodhya after rama?

King of Ayodhya (2006) is the sixth and final installment of a six-part series of books written by Ashok Banker, which chronicles the events of the Ramayana in a modern rete ( Full Answer )
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Why was lord Rama exiled from ayodhya?

because his father was a king with 3 wives and one of his wives wanted her son to be king and she saved the king and he said he will give her one boon but she asks for Ram to ( Full Answer )
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Why is Ayodhya important to hindus?

as it is where rama was going to be king but he got abolished to the forest for 14 years.
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Why Rama was born in ayodhya?

Rama was perhaps not born in Ayodhya. There is a principality in Jammu, Kashmir, which is supposed to be the land of Kaushalya's father. Some people believe that Rama was born ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the last stanza of the poem phool aur kaanta by ayodhya singh upadhya?

How can somebody claim to greatness, even if he be born in a greatfamily, (kis tarah kul ki badaai kaam de) if his actions have nogreatness (are despicable)(jo kisi mein badha ( Full Answer )
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Who was welcomed to the Kingdom of Ayodhya?

Counted among the Seven Most Holy Cities in India, just living there was (is) supposed to cause your better inner being to emerge, and bathing in the nearby river was (is) sup ( Full Answer )