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What does the name Azalea mean in the bible?

When Spelled AZELIA it means "Spared by Jehovah" or "Helped by God" in other translations It is the female form of "Azariah" which was the Hebrew name for Abednego one on Dan (MORE)

Can an azalea bush be started from a cutting?

  Yes, if you get a good stem for doing that, and don't let the potting soil dry or stay wet. Take some new growth after it is stiffened with some previous stem, and sink (MORE)

How do you prune azaleas?

Azaleas should not require pruning. If the bush is outgrowing the space cut it back hard, you will lose a years flowers but it will recover. I would consider moving it and rep (MORE)

Does iggy azalea have any kids?

No, Iggy Azalea does not have any kids. She is currently dating the  LA Lakers player Nick Young. THey have been together since November  2013.
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How big do azalea bushes get?

Depends on the azalea bush. There are miniatures that only get about a foot and a half wide and high. And there are giants that get taller and wider than a man. But most azale (MORE)

How do you care for Azaleas?

These set their buds in the fall, so if you want to have spring flowers, you do any necessary pruning in the spring after they have flowered. They may not be hardy in cold wea (MORE)