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What is liberal?

Liberal has a couple of different meanings in political thought. Classical liberalism: a focus on individual rights to liberty and property, and universal equality. This was s (MORE)

Was Lyndon B. Johnson a liberal?

Lyndon Johnson was perhaps the most liberal president the US has ever had. He was known as the heir apparent of FDR, but easily surpassed FDR's New Deal with his Great Society (MORE)

How do you beat level 24 on b cubed?

5up, 2left, 1down, 1right, 1down, 1left, 1down, 1right, 2down, 1up,  ileft, 1down, 4left, 1up, 3right, 2up, 1down, 3left, 1up, 3right,  1up, 3left, 1up, 2right, 1left, 2righ (MORE)

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What do liberals favor?

  Liberals work towards changing the ways that things have always been done to more progressive and/or fitting ways of doing things that follow their beliefs. The liberal (MORE)

Liberation of the Netherlands?

The final liberation of the home-region of the Netherlands (that  is, its European lands) took place in May of 1945 after the German  surrender. Partial liberation had taken (MORE)

Which party is the liberals?

Canada's Federal Liberal Party is Canada's oldest still existing party, though they are going through a rough patch. They ruled Canada for most of the 20th century making Cana (MORE)

Was Lyndon B. Johnson conservative or liberal?

Johnson was liberal on domestic issues. On defense, he escalated a  war to fight communism and greatly expanded the military. I think  that is considered a conservative posi (MORE)