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Is B and B a Cognac?

No. B&B is Benedictine (a cordial) and brandy. The brandy used in it is not Cognac, as it would have to say so on the label if it were. All Cognac is brandy, but only a very s (MORE)

What is a B?

A "B" could be a lot of things.   It is a grade, a musical note, a letter, and so much more.
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What is A-b divided by b-a?

-1, because if you factor out -1 from a-b you get -1(-a+b). when you reduce, -a+b = b-a so those cancel out and you are left with -1

What is a used Suzuki B King worth?

A Suzuki B-King is a type of motorcycle. The value of the motorcycle is figured with consideration of many factors. The year, make, model, style, customizations, condition, (MORE)