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When did J B Coats write Where Could I go but to the Lord?

The song, "Where Could I Go but to the Lord", was written in 1940 by James (J. B.) Coats, a songwriter from the Gitano Community (Jones County), Mississippi. The inspiration f (MORE)

What is the summary of Mother's Day by J. B. Priestley?

This humorous and satirical depiction of a mother's status in a  family was written way back in 1950 and till date stands quite true  in cases of house wives. Unless and unt (MORE)
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What were any obstacles that Rebecca J Cole ran into?

Rebecca J Cole overcame racism in being an African American woman doctor. Most people took her apart form others saying she was "unsantized". In the end, Dr Rebecca overcame (MORE)

Who invented the j c b?

You probably mean the backhoe loader (or any machine of this type for this matter), which in UK is generally known as "The JCB". JCB (or J.C.Bamford Excavators Limited) invent (MORE)

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Who was J B Boothroyd?

John Basil Boothroyd was born on 4th March 1910 in Worksop in England. He was an English humorous writer he also wrote for television and radio, and was a frequent broadcaster (MORE)

Who is B J Vavasseur?

she's a anointed gospel singer who recently sang with Jimmy Swaggert's Minister, she has recently resigned from JSM and has her own music ministries called B.J Vavasseur Minis (MORE)
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Who is j cole father?

J. Cole's father's name is James Cole. His father is a black male  that served in the U.S. Army and abandoned J. Cole when he was  young.
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Where did J B Priestley live?

J.B. Priestley was born in Manningham, a suburb just outside the  city of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. He lived and grew up  there from 1894 - 1914.   While serv (MORE)