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What did Seth from The Bible do?

Fathered Enoch and Seth was Eve's third son. Additional Answer: Seth (c. 2425-1825 BC) was perhaps the only man post Adam who saw so much grief. Considering he survived the ca (MORE)

What did Seth do for the Egyptians?

  He was Pharaoh of Egypt after he killed his brother Osiris. He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 differnet locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered the body (MORE)

Who is Seth MacFarlane?

He is an animator that created the series Family Guy and American Dad!. His company, Fuzzy Door Productions, was created in Providence, Rhode Island.
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Who is Seth Meyers?

Seth Meyers is an actor and comedian famous for Saturday Night Live (SNL) skits, such as "Weekend Update"

What happened to seth?

What do you mean -- "What happened to him?". The Bible clearly says that he lived nine hundred and some odd years and then he died. It says who his descendents were and indeed (MORE)

Did Seth have children?

Yes, Seth lived for 912 years, during which time he had many sons and daughters (Genesis 5:6-8)
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What did Seth do?

Seth. Son of Adam and Eve, born in the 130th year of Adam's life in mortality (Luke 3:38; Moses 6:1-3; 6:9-11). A prophet and patriarch, he was ordained by Adam at the age of (MORE)

Who is seth guy?

Seth Guy is a sonic and visual artist based in London, UK. The previous answer was entirely subjective, slanderous and cowardly.
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