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How do you pronounce babel fish?

BAY-BULL see hitchhikers guide to the galaxy like the tower of babel that features in the bible
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How big was the tower of babel?

No mention of the size is found in the Bible.     The Book of Jubilees contains one of the most detailed accounts found anywhere of the Tower. And they began to bui (MORE)

What was Nimrod's association with the Tower of Babel?

The Bible says that Nimrod was Ham's grandson(1 Chronicles 1:10), and a 'mighty hunter in opposition to God'. His territory as ruler included Shinar and Assyria, including Bab (MORE)

Why was tower of babel built?

a man named Nimrod, Noah's grandson, built the tower of babel to show everyone in the world that he was the greatest and mightiest person in the world.

What began at Tower of babel?

the narrative of the towrer of babel genesis 11.1-9 is an etiology or explanation of phenomenon. the first person on the tower is king james verison lynus aubee ----read th (MORE)

What happened at the confusion of Babel?

The Book of Genesis tells us that the different cultures and  languages in the world are a result of sin in the context of the  Tower of Babel story. However, this story was (MORE)