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What country is the tower of Babel in?

  Well the tower of Babel isn't in any country because it does not exist, I'm not saying it never did exist, just that it no longer exists. To answer your question though, (MORE)

If one assumes that the Tower of Babel is an etiology what question would it answer?

  Certainly, at the beginning of the Babylonian Exile, the Jews were struck by the magnificence of Babylon and no doubt wondered about the purpose of the great ziggurats. (MORE)

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Was the Tower of Babel in Babylon?

The Tower of Babel definitely existed in Babylon. The Greek  historian Herodotus wrote of the ziggurat. Even in 460 BC, after  the tower had been crumbling for many years, t (MORE)

What is the relationship between the Tower of Babel and ziggurats?

  John Romer (Testament: The Bible and History) says that the Greek historian Herodotus visited Babylon about 450BCE and saw the Tower of Babel, in fact a great brick zi (MORE)

What began at Tower of babel?

the narrative of the towrer of babel genesis 11.1-9 is an etiology or explanation of phenomenon. the first person on the tower is king james verison lynus aubee ----read th (MORE)

What happened at the confusion of Babel?

The Book of Genesis tells us that the different cultures and  languages in the world are a result of sin in the context of the  Tower of Babel story. However, this story was (MORE)