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Who was Babur?

at the age of 12 years,babur inherited the kingdom of Farghana,in Afganistan.he had ambitions of conquering his ancestral kingdom of Samarkand,but after three uncessful attemp (MORE)

What did Babur do?

Babur founded the Islamic Mughal dynasty in 1526 in northern India. He was descended from timur-e lang and Genghis khan and gathered an army of Muslim Turks to go claim land i (MORE)

Who was Babur and what he did?

Babur was a man who was born around 1483, and died around 1530. He is famous for being the founder of the Mughal Dynasty. Fun Fact: His father was descended from the famous (MORE)

Who were the wives of Babur?

Babur was first betrothed at the age of 6 to Princess Aisha of Samarkand. However they grew up to heartily dislike each other. Infact she left him soon after marriage (very un (MORE)

Who was the grandfather of Babur?

Abu Sa'id Mirza of Timurid dynasty, was the paternal grandfather ofBabur. Umar Shaikh Mirza, son of Abu Sa'id Mirza, was Babur'sfather. Sultan Abu Sa'id Mirza was also the gre (MORE)

Who was the daughter of Babur?

Babur had four daughters: Gulrang (Rose-coloured), Gulchireh(Rosy-face) and Gulbadan (Rose-body) by Dildar Begum and GulrukhBegum by another wife. Gulbadan was the authoress o (MORE)

What were baburs origins?

Babur was born on February 23 [O.S. February 14] 1483 [12] in the town of Andijan, in the Fergana Valley in contemporary Uzbekistan. He was the eldest son of Omar Sheykh Mirz (MORE)