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Why did the Babylonian exile happen in relation to God?

According to the historical accounts of the Old Testament scriptures, the exile happened due to the stubborn rebellion of the Israelites. Particular details are abundant and i (MORE)

When did the babylonians attack the city of Jerusalem and send the judeans into exile?

  Nebuchadnezzar defeated the Egyptians in 605 BC and pursued them as far as Rapha, on the way accepting the surrender of Jerusalem. At this time he took Daniel and his co (MORE)
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What was the babylonian exile?

The Babylonian exile is the name given to the period of time in the  Bible where the Babylonians captured many of the Israeli people and  made them slaves.

How did the Babylonian Exile weaken the power and the prestige of the Church?

Another answer from our community:    There was no weakening; as the old testament was first written down  in Babylon, the Abrahim religion and its descendants now had (MORE)

What language did Jews speak after they returned from the Babylonian Exile?

 No doubt the people still spoke Hebrew, but the Persians had adopted Aramaic as the language of empire and encourage the Jews to use that language. Hebrew quickly fell out (MORE)

What did the Jews begin to write during the Babylonian Exile?

The Jewish sages began to compile the Talmud during the Babylonian  exile. This was done due to the fear that the knowledge of the Oral  Torah and other knowledge and record (MORE)

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What caused the Babylonian Exile?

The Babylonians, on taking over the Assyrian Empire, followed theirpractice of exchanging aristocracies between peoples, This meantthat the local rulers were unsympathetic to (MORE)