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Is there ever going to be a video game of tegami bachi?

There is one that has yet to be released in america for the PSP, but as for when it is released i have no idea. Here is where you can get the Japanese version: http://www.ama (MORE)
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What does bachi mea?

it means "bee". tegami means letter and bachi is bee, thus the name. :P
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How do you play bachi ball?

This is how I learned at my school, so dont blame me, please. There are two people on each team,(at least one person on each team). Everyone has one ball, (it would be bet (MORE)
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What does gandi bachi mean?

Gandi bachi is an hindi phrase. Gandi in Hindi Language means bad . And bachi in Hindi Language means Girl . That is it means bad girl. Gandi bachi means 'bad girl'
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