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Why won't the back doors of a 1991 Bonneville SSE open?

Is it from the inside or outside, the inside have child locks to keep them from being opened from the inside, open them from the outside, inside the the door where the latch i (MORE)

How do you adjust the back doors on a 2001 VW Passat?

Answer   Open the door you wish to adjust and look at the body part of the car to which where the door latch mechanism attaches. It is a silver slab that has a U shaped p (MORE)

How do you put the chain back on the track of your garage door?

Replacing the chain is not for the novice since it can be  dangerous. It is better to call a garage door company to get it  done - they may also repair what it is that cause (MORE)

What is 'back door little joe' when playing craps?

"Little Joe" stands for the number four, it is a call made by the stick person in craps. "Back door little Joe" does not stand for anything. I've been in the gaming industry (MORE)

Can not get the spring back in the door hinge on 1997 Chevy pickup?

Your local auto parts store will sell you a simple tool to do just that. It should sell for under $10.
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What happens in back to the future 1?

Marty goes back in time in a time-machine delorian to when his parents were his age and he interferes in their lives so they never meet. He has to get them back together befor (MORE)