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What is a backcountry farmer?

A back country farmer is a farmer that practices farming techniquesin the middle of nowhere. These farming techniques are not usuallyconventional.
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What is the 'backcountry'?

The backcountry is where the Appalachain Mountains divided the French areas and the thirteen colonies.
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What was the backcountry like?

Alexander Spotswood governed Virginia from 1710 to 1722. He believed that the future of English colonists lay to the west. To prove his point, he led a month-long expedition ( Full Answer )
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How did the settlers reach the backcountry in Pennsylvania?

In the early years of exploration, the only way to reach distant territories was to first arrive by ship, if the location was near a port, and then, having arrived, proceed on ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word backcountry in a sentence?

Native American rebellion led by the Ottawa Leader Pontiac in 1763.Hope this will work. ^_^ No that will not work. It doesn't even have the word backcountry in it.
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What is the geography of backcountry?

Life in the backcountry was different than life on the Coastal Plain. There were fewer plantations in the backcountry. The towns were smaller. Most people lived far away from ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonym for backcountry?

back country is the state in which there is a country that is old, but has been remade in to a " BACK COUNTRY " thanks for my time and I hope this gets you A's on your tests g ( Full Answer )
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Why is the backcountry important?

The back country was important because it had an abundance of water, causing its farms to grow very well without any outside aid.
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How did the backcountry make money?

The term "backcountry" can mean a number of different things. For example: wilderness, primitive area, off the beaten path, unsettled territory, an area with no road access, ( Full Answer )
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Which presidents families came from the backcountry?

"backcountry family " is rather hard to define precisely. I wouldsay that Andrew Jackson, Milllard Fillmore, James Buchanan, AbrahamLincoln , Andrew Johnson and Harry Truman m ( Full Answer )