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What was life like in the backcountry?

  Life was hard for settlers of the backcountry. The rocky uneven land made farming difficult. There were few rivers on which to transport goods. The Piedmont couldn't be (MORE)

What were the largest group of settlers in the backcountry?

The largest group of backcountry settlers wre indentured servants, since they willingly sold a good portion of their life to cross the Atlantic. They offerer a good exuse for (MORE)

Why were backcountry settlers an annoyance to the colonial government?

  As the colonies grew, so did the population of people in the back-country as the planters grew in prosperity and power threatened to shift from the low country. Before t (MORE)

How was life in the Tidewater different from life in the backcountry South?

Well , tide waters were plantations near ocean areas or close to rivers and Back country south was life in the country as you may notice, but they differ in the way of works o (MORE)
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What is the geography of backcountry?

Life in the backcountry was different than life on the Coastal Plain. There were fewer plantations in the backcountry. The towns were smaller. Most people lived far away from (MORE)
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Why is the backcountry important?

The back country was important because it had an abundance of water, causing its farms to grow very well without any outside aid.