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What were the largest group of settlers in the backcountry?

The largest group of backcountry settlers wre indentured servants, since they willingly sold a good portion of their life to cross the Atlantic. They offerer a good exuse for (MORE)
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What was the backcountry like?

Alexander Spotswood governed Virginia from 1710 to 1722. He believed that the future of English colonists lay to the west. To prove his point, he led a month-long expedition (MORE)
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What were the skills and tasks of Backcountry women?

The skills and tasks that the Backcountry women completed were: hunting, working in fields and cabins, and learn how to use guns and handle axes
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What is the geography of backcountry?

Life in the backcountry was different than life on the Coastal Plain. There were fewer plantations in the backcountry. The towns were smaller. Most people lived far away from (MORE)

How deadly is the backcountry for Avalanches?

Backcountry is often extremely dangerous, considering that the snow is large untouched, and that the area is not properly mapped for potential high risk zones. Also getting tr (MORE)

What is the synonym for backcountry?

back country is the state in which there is a country that is old, but has been remade in to a " BACK COUNTRY " thanks for my time and I hope this gets you A's on your tests g (MORE)
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Why is the backcountry important?

The back country was important because it had an abundance of water, causing its farms to grow very well without any outside aid.