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What is a 'Bulldog Backer'?

The Bulldog Backers -- also referred to as the "Backers" -- is a fan-based organization for Fresno State Track and Field that was established to increase enthusiasm.
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Who was The shortest Line Backer in the NFL?

Well, I can't swear he was the all time shortest but the shortest I remember is the great Sam Mills who played for Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars of the United States Football L (MORE)
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Who are Obama's financial backers?

Obama does have many financial backers. Some of them include FredEychaner, James Simons, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Irwin Jacobs, and JonStryker.
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How did get backers end?

The GetBackers freed Lower Town from Babylon City(Upper Town) in Limitless Fortress, everyone should watch a great anime like it. It's unpredictable and super cool.
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What is french name for backer?

It depends on the meaning : backer n (=supporter) [+person, scheme] partisan m , (financially) commanditaire m financial backer commanditaire (MORE)
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What are backer boards used for?

Backer boards are typically used in construction. They are made of gypsum and are used to make walls. They can be purchased from large home improvement stores.
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What has the author Dorothy Backer written?

Dorothy Backer has written: 'Precious women' -- subject(s): Women, Social conditions, Social life and customs, Biography 'Treasures in the darkness' -- subject(s): OMS Int (MORE)
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What has the author Bill Backer written?

Bill Backer has written: 'The care and feeding of ideas' -- subject(s): Advertising, Career in advertising, Case studies, Creative ability in business 'Care & Feeding Idea (MORE)
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What has the author Ron Backer written?

Ron Backer has written: 'Mystery movie series of 1940s Hollywood' -- subject(s): Motion pictures, Detective and mystery films, History and criticism, History
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What has the author E Backer written?

E. Backer has written: 'Computer-assisted reasoning in cluster analysis' -- subject(s): Expert systems (Computer science), Cluster analysis, Data processing