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What is a 'Bulldog Backer'?

The Bulldog Backers -- also referred to as the "Backers" -- is a fan-based organization for Fresno State Track and Field that was established to increase enthusiasm.
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How can you be a middle line backer?

Well to be a great one, you have to love to hit, can't be scared to hit anybody on the field. Have to also be aggressive, you got to put in your mind that your the leader of t (MORE)
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How did get backers end?

The GetBackers freed Lower Town from Babylon City(Upper Town) in Limitless Fortress, everyone should watch a great anime like it. It's unpredictable and super cool.

Where can you get foam backer rod?

Backer Rod can be purchased rod online, available in both bulk  offers and small quantities. Check with your local insulation  company or big box hardware company.
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Will adhesive adhere to hardi-backer?

Yes. Call the supplier or retail outlet where HardiBacker is sold, and ask them for the proper construction adhesive to use with the product. ANS 2 -PL200 , 300 and 400 will (MORE)