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What is a backyard?

An open space that is behind your home or house. This space is generally covered with grass, ornamental plantings, play equipment and/or relaxation equipment. It it the outdoo (MORE)

Where can you find a hedgehog breeder in Maryland?

todays pet its in colombia mall there 125$ Or Terrapin Hedgehogs more expensive, but healthy animals that have a warr (MORE)

What are live breeders or viviparous animals?

In order to be considered a live breeder, or viviparous animal, it  must give birth to live young that have been nourished in some way  by the mother's body. Examples of liv (MORE)
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What is creature breeder?

it is a virtual pet game where you can buy,sold,raise,trade and offer can breed them using 2 kinds of same comes first with egg,and followed buy creatu (MORE)

Getting a puppy from a breeder?

If you get a puppy from a breeder, BE CAREFUL! You need to make sure that it isn't a puppy mill and that the puppies and parents are healthy. While getting my now 11 month old (MORE)

Why are animal breeders important to society?

1) Depending on the specie of animal(s) a Breeder could be apart of the preservation of extincting or endangered animal(s). 2) Breeders also carry the liberty of creating 'P (MORE)

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Which pixie bob breeder is the best?

Personally i feel it is the "Special Agents Pixie bob and Savannahs" kennel. They have won World Champion a couple times with their kitties. That is more than any other kennel (MORE)