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What is bacterial transformation?

Bacterial transformation is the process where bacterial cells take  up foreign DNA molecules. This DNA is then integrated into the  genome of the bacterial cells.
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What is the genetic?

There is no such thing as "the genetic", but genetics are the things that make up every living thing. Human genetics were all mapped in a project called the human genome proje (MORE)
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What is genetic?

genetic or gene is a unit of inheritance in living organisms.   Inherited; having to do with information that is passed from parents to children through genes in sperm and (MORE)

What is Subacute bacterial endocarditis?

  A chronic bacterial infection of the valves of the heart. Characterized by a slow, quiet onset with fever, heart murmur, splenomegaly, and development of clumps of abnor (MORE)
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What is bacterial plasmid?

A bacterial plasmid is usually a circular (sometimes linear) piece of double-stranded DNA found in bacteria that is distinct from the bacterium's chromosome. It carries non-es (MORE)

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What are the parts of a bacterial cell and what are there roles?

the parts of a bacterial cell; Cell wall: provides structure and protects the cell. Cytoplasmic membrane: allows particles to enter and exit the cell. Flagella: allows the bac (MORE)
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What is the importance of plasmids in the phases of bacterial genetics?

Plasmids are important in the phases of bacterial genetics because  plasmids are the small circle of DNA for bacteria and is  responsible for storing and studying genes. Pla (MORE)
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What is bacterial organizam?

Bacterias are a single celled organism. Bacteria is a major  category of micro organisms and is commonly confused with viruses.
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Is tonsillitis bacterial?

It can be either bacterial of viral. Your doctor will do a strep test and possibly a throat culture to determine the cause. If either is positive, that means that the tonsilli (MORE)