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Who is the father of bacteriology?

Robert Koch , a German scientist and physician, is known as the father of bacteriology because of his development for Koch's postulates. He became famous for isolating Bacill (MORE)
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Why was Louis Pasteur called the Father of Bacteriology?

Louis Pasteur is called the Father of Bacteriology because he discovered the role of bacteria in fermentation. Pasteur experimented with bacteria and his tests conclusively d (MORE)

What is the bacteriological standard for potable water?

By bacteriologic standards, water for drinking (i.e., potable water) should be free of coliforms and enterococci and contain not more than 500 organisms per milliliter. The te (MORE)

How many years does it take to get a Bacteriology Doctorate?

In Ontario one takes a BSc, then an MSc then a Phd. If the BSc is a three year degree, the MSc takes two years. If the BSc is a four year degree the MSc takes one year. The D (MORE)