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What is a harmless bacteriophage?

First I'll answer what a bacteriophage is. A bacteriophage is a type of virus that infects a bacterium. These phages can be either virulent or temperate. Virulent phages are c ( Full Answer )
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What are the parts of bacteriophage and their?

A bacteriophage is a type of virus that preys on bacteria. Itsstructure consists of a head and tail. A bacteriophage containsnucleic acid and some proteins.
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What is a lysogenic bacteriophage?

A lysogenic phage is a 'temperate' bacteriophage (such as lambda phage) that integrates its genome inside that of the host without immediately transcribing and making new viru ( Full Answer )
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How does bacteriophage multiply?

By binary fission. . also this quesstion is needed in sixth grade so keep it handy if you know a sixth grader
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Why is bacteriophage important?

Bacteriophage kills the winner, in bacterial communities, the dominant species is attacked by the viruses.
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What is inside a bacteriophage?

Nucleic acid, such a nap is located inside of a bacteriophage.There is a protein coat but that i
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What do bacteriophages do?

Bacteriophages are viruses that attach to the surface of bacteria and inject viral DNA into the bacteria. Each infected bacterial cell produces multiple copies of the virus wh ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about bacteriophage?

1. they have tails and cylinder structures. 2.they are both RNA and DNA. 3.they also effect other specie.
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What is a bacteriophage-?

A bacteriophage is a virus. It typically results in the dissolutionor disintegration of particular bacteria.
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What is a bacteriophage?

A bacteriophage is a kind of virus that infects and killsbacteria. a virus that attacks bacteria