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How long is a bacterium?

A bacteria is a few microns, or a few micrometers in length. A micron or micrometer is 1 x 10 -6 meters in length. E. coli is about 8 microns in length. Links are provided (MORE)
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What are the Parts of bacterium?

the whip like tail is the flagellum . the most inner layer is the cell membrane . the 2nd layer form the inside (middle layer) is the cell wall . the most outter layer i (MORE)

What is tubercle bacterium?

It may help if you search for tubercle bacillus, which is what it is more commonly known as. It is the aerobic, non-endospore-forming rod shaped bacterium (Mycobacterium tuber (MORE)
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What is cholera bacterium?

It is a gram negative rod shaped curved bacteria. It has got a flagellum at one end to give motility to the bacteria.
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Does bacterium have a nuclei?

i think it does because it needs a place to get the DNA and because it is a prochaotic cell it would not have a nucleus so yes it does (i think)

What is bacterium in microbiology?

You may have heard of "bacteria" already. In the general population, people refer to "bacteria" as meaning"one bacteria" or "many bacteria". However, this is incorrect. In mi (MORE)

What does the chromosome of a bacterium do?

The chromosome of a bacterium does essentially the same thing that chromosomes do for all life forms. It describes the formation of proteins for the organism, allowing it to p (MORE)

Does bacterium have mitochondria?

No. One mitochondria is approximately the same size as a bacterium cell. Yeast, on the other hand - another single cell organism - does have mitochondria, as it is much big (MORE)